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Well, what can i say, from Canada to the UK to Texas... with a detour through the Carribean...

My Personal and professional life has taken me all over and i have to say that its been great, but the most important things after all are definitely Health, Family and Friends. With a big chunk of love and not just some spending money but someone to spend it with!!!

What's the point if we can't share it?

Anyways, i'm still in Texas. With my roots still in Canada.

And in full expansion mode with our energy Business! It's great fun, great effort, and great Rewards. Big things ahead... It is not every day that we have the opportunity to build one, if not the best company in its field. In a hugely dynamic and growing market.


We market for the best and most reputable Energy Providers in America, if not the world. We have built our reputation over the last quarter century and we have an amazing team of dedicated people with drive, ambition, skill and loyalty.

Sorry for out competitors, but we intend to take the lead and stay ahead.

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